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The first day I was at work, Clark kind of whispered at me, and he said “come here.” And I said, “what?!” And he gave me this folded up shirt that he shoved into my hand, and he was like, “this is for you.” And he walked away, and I looked at it, and it was an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tee-shirt. I think Clark himself and Agent Coulson are both slightly fanboy-ish, so it was so much fun to do these scenes with him and see his face.

-Jaimie Alexander on filming with Agents of SHIELD

omg this is perfect

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I stg Clark and Phil are the SAME PERSON!!!

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Do you think Phil sent Sif back to Asgard with a SHIELD t-shirt? ‘Cause I do now…

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Totally. And a ball cap. Sif would wear them sometimes because she loves them so much. “These midgardians really do know how to make garments that are comfortable to wear” “Aye, but they don’t provide much in way of protection as our armors do.” “Tis true. But they do make very good sleeping garment.” (in which Sif wears her SHIELD T-shirt as PJs to bed…)

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I know I’ve probably gushed about Scrivener before, but… it’s amazing.  It’s a fantastic tool to organize notes, outline, make commentary on your own work, etc.  I love it. 

This commentary has been pretty much useless but check it out it’s great.

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